Sunday, June 02, 2013

[A2] The End is Nigh!

So the journey is almost over. Here be some links, videos and tidbits of advice as you finish preparing yourself for your 'critical perspectives' exam...


Where to begin? This video gives a clear overview of the exam structure, in particular what you need to focus on in Q1a and Q1b:

1a (Looking inwardly)

1b (Applying theory)
And in response to Josh's tweet, if Media Language comes up focus on that theory: semiotics, mediation, camera, editing, sound, mise-en-scene. Do not get tripped up and discuss post-structuralism or postmodernism. Focus on how you used your knowledge of media language to 'mediate' and 'construct' your media text.


#POMO or WTF!?

Don't forget that *postmodernism* is a cultural concept and *postmodern media* refers specifically to media texts.

To offer a full, detailed, conceptual response you must show how other areas of theory are directly connected to postmodern media, including: 'structuralism', 'post-structuralism', 'genre theory' and 'audience theories'.

And it is also an era, and a response...

Baudrillard (as if you need this!?)

And the best answers will make cogent links between historical examples like 'The Matrix' and present/future examples like 'Digital Identity'.

Finally, the chief examiner on answering the #POMO question.


Well done to those of you who emailed me essays or essay plans. Remember, I am here and here, if you need me. And good luck!

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