Sunday, June 09, 2013

Postmodernism: Design in a Nutshell

Found this a bit too late for the class of 2013 but adding it here for use with the class of 2014.

Postmodernism in a nut shell, part of a series of short videos made by the Open University. This one on Modernism is useful too. 

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  1. Hello James and all at CCC,
    Thank you for posting and references to our small series of Design in a Nutshell videos and I hope you and your talented students find them useful. There is an overarching narrative that ties them altogether, which is that for much of industrialised design history, the role of designers has been central to much cultural, social, moral, economic and political thought. Maybe we'll be as influential again some time soon!

    On behalf of the OpenLearn team, many thanks and best wishes to you all.

    Kind regards,

    Clive Hilton