Thursday, May 09, 2013

Learning in Media @ CCC

After skyping into our classroom, Catherine Cronin asked us to create some artefacts to document how and why learning in Media @ CCC is different to other subjects. What follows are videos and images created and edited by A2 Media Students reflecting on the '3 tenets' that I have tried to foster in their learning:
"Openness ~ Social Media ~ Student Voice/Choice" - Catherine Cronin
This is very much a reflection of the value I place on Independent Learning. The 'leashes' have to come off!

Introduction to Learning in Media @ CCC

Josh on being able to make mistakes:

Alice on equality between learner and teacher:

Alice on using 'social media' to learn and progress:

Danielle on 'openness' and 'student voice':

Lucy on death by PowerPoint:

Hannah on being an independent learner and 'choice':

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