Friday, April 26, 2013

Digital Identity Resources (vis @catherinecronin)

Here are the links from Cathrine's presentation on Digital Identity that I think will be most helpful in terms of postmodernism.

Social network sites as networked publics (2010) by danah boyd (@zephoria)

Digital identities: Six key selves of networked publics (2012) by Bonnie Stewart (@bonstewart)

Digital dualism and the fallacy of web objectivity (2012) by Nathan Jurgenson (@nathanjurgenson)

The IRL Fetish (2012) by Nathan Jurgenson (@nathanjurgenson)

You are not your name and photo: A call to reimagine identity (2011), Wired article by Tim Carmody (@tcarmody)

We, our digital selves, and us – YouTube video (2012) by Alan Levine (@cogdog)

Please read and make notes!

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