Saturday, March 02, 2013

AS: A&I Essay Planning

One of your peers emailed me unsure of how to get started with the Audiences and Institutions essay. If this particular student has questions, then I am sure that the rest of you do. So here is a copy of my reply:


Have you used the mind map to plan the structure of your essay? My first question if I was doing this essay is which parts of the mind map are going to go into my essay.

So, read the question. What are the possible answers?

Well, some magazines have fully embraced the use of 'converged media'. Some have had to in order to keep up with audience needs and changing tech. Some have not.

Therefore, my arguments are:
  • Argument 1: Yes, media convergence is important. 
  • Argument 2: In fact it is now integral to success for some parts of the magazine industry. 
  • Argument 3: But there are some magazines that do not yet need to adapt 
Now I have a plan I need to use my mind map to flesh this out.

Arg 1: Convergence
  • Pg 1. What is it? Why is it important? What case study can I use to illustrate that? 
  • Pg 2. Can I build on that? Is there another case study? Another quotation? 
Arg 2. Some mags have no choice? 
  • Pg. 3: Audience expectations - location, time, multi-media content... quotation? case study? 
  • Pg. 4: Keeping up with the competition. Quotation? Case study? 
Arg 3: Not important. 
  • Pg. 5: People's Friend - importance of knowing your TA 
Now, surrounding this I need an intro and a conclusion. 

Intro: In a few sentences set out the arguments. Don't mention any specific case studies. Keep it general.

Conclusion: What is your opinion? What does the future for the industry hold in relation to technological convergence? Hypothesise.

I hope this helps?

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