Friday, September 06, 2013

YouTube - The Future of TV?

David Gauntlett argues that:

Web 1.0 - The Media where like Gods distributing content to the people.
Web 2.0 - Users produce content and distribute it on social networks to other users to view.

Baudrillard's, Strinati's and McDougall's ideas of postmodernism fit into the idea of Web 1.0. The "Media is Reality" (McDougall), Media Saturated Society (Strinati) and "Hyperreality"(Baudrillard). But Web 2.0 is a push back against this idea of the media's control; individuals create content and thereby reclaim the meaning. YouTube fits firmly in the Web 2.0 category.

This BBC documentary by "The Culture Show" explores the idea of users generating content, the audience and the future of YouTube.

 Click here to watch YouTube - The Future of TV?

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