Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Magazine Industry Research

While we work through presentations, I want you to develop your understanding of the key issues through 'secondary' research.

Investigate and make notes on...

Magazine Industry
  • How is it changing/evolving?
  • What does the future hold?
Audience and Institutions
  • How do audiences benefit from changes in the magazine industry?
  • What challenges are magazines (and publishers) facing?
New Media Technologies
  • How are NMTs impacting on the Magazine Industry?

Further to this, you need to find and analyse an article that comments on the current or potential future state of the Magazine Industry.

Investigate and analyse the article:
  • Source?
  • Who write it?
  • What is the line of argument?
  • Key quote? - This needs to be carefully critiqued.
  • How does it link to the wider concepts in the unit and your case study?

Next, in groups of 4/5, share your articles making notes. This will give you a range of opinion on the topic.

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