Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A note on blogging...

A brief guide for AS student's who have begun blogging...

1. Check out previous students blogs to develop an understanding of what to include/write about; expectations in terms of post length/quality; and how to use/embed media including video, audio and documents.

The following blogs are a good place to start...

2. Blog regularly - a minimum of once a week.

3. Your blog is your 'Foundation Portfolio in Media'. It is a record of the stages of your coursework: Research, Planning, (Post)Production, Evaluation. Therefore, it needs to be detailed and well written. Proof read your posts. Your blog will be marked and will be sent for moderation.

4. All of your posts should demonstrate learning and understanding. And where appropriate, given the purpose of the post, include evidence of analysis, reflection and evaluation. This may also include work done with me as there are direct links between the two sides of the course.

5. Evaluation is one of the most important skills at AS Level. See this document for additional guidance on what 'evaluation' is.

6. Finally, post rather than draft. You can edit/add to posts, even if they have been published. Mr Ford and I can only help you if we can see where you are at on your blog. If you keep lots of drafts we can not help you and will likely draw the conclusion that you are behind with your work.

Remember, you can get in touch with us via email or Twitter. And don't forget to ask your A2 peers. Josh, Hannah, Lucy, Danni, Avvy, Alice & Alice will be more than happy to help you.

Happy blogging...

Mr. M.

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