Thursday, August 23, 2012

A-Level Results 2012

I wanted to take a moment to formally congratulate and acknowledge the tremendous success of both our A2 and AS Media Students, who achieved our best ever set of year-end results.

A2 Media Studies

A* - 10%
A*-B - 80%
A*-C - 100%

Serena, Heather, Brogan, Tom, Ellie, Steph, Laura, Hannah, Jess and Sareena... It was an amazing journey, one that I feel I was very fortunate to be a part of. I will miss our lessons, although I'm not sure the word 'lesson' really applies. Enjoy taking the next step, whatever that may be. Remember, if you need anything, I am only a tweet or email away.

AS Media Studies

A - 78%
A-B - 100%

Hannah, Josh, Amy, Alice, Danielle, Alice, Lucy, Averielle and Nicole... talk about setting the bar high! I expect great things from you come September. Your journey is just beginning...

...I'll see you in the "desert of the real".

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