Wednesday, May 22, 2013

404: Page Not Found

Amber Stubbings is an ex-student. She graduated from CCC in 2010. She went on to study 'TV Production' at Southampton Solent University, and is about to graduate. She emailed me with a link to her final project, a short film titled: '404: Page Not Found'. The concept is excellent and is neatly postmodern.

Working as part of a production team, Amber has excelled in her skill development. In this project she worked on 'Art Direction', a very important feature of such a stylised production.

You can watch the Trailer and the entire film below. I am super impressed with Amber's work. This is what you could be producing in a few years time, should you choose to follow a similar career path.

404: Page Not Found (Trailer)

404: Page Not Found (Short Film)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

[A2] Postmodernism - A Brief Review

A clear and succinct overview of the 'theory' of post modernism (and postmodern media) including key ideas, Lyotard, Baudrillard and remixing (via. Hollyfield Media)

Visit Hollyfield Media's YouTube page to find more videos on media theories, including semiotics, structuralism and Marxism.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

[AS] Final Tips and Good Luck!

As you wind up your revision be sure to remind yourself of the chief examiner's advice in these two previously shared posts:

Also, don't forget to use your revision booklets.

And remember! If you don't know it by 6PM tonight you will not know it at 9AM tomorrow. Get a good night's rest and don't forget to bring a bottle of water with you to the exam.

You are in the hall tomorrow. You should be out in the quad ready to go at 9:10AM.

Good luck!

Mr. Michie & Mr. Ford.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Learning in Media @ CCC

After skyping into our classroom, Catherine Cronin asked us to create some artefacts to document how and why learning in Media @ CCC is different to other subjects. What follows are videos and images created and edited by A2 Media Students reflecting on the '3 tenets' that I have tried to foster in their learning:
"Openness ~ Social Media ~ Student Voice/Choice" - Catherine Cronin
This is very much a reflection of the value I place on Independent Learning. The 'leashes' have to come off!

Introduction to Learning in Media @ CCC

Josh on being able to make mistakes:

Alice on equality between learner and teacher:

Alice on using 'social media' to learn and progress:

Danielle on 'openness' and 'student voice':

Lucy on death by PowerPoint:

Hannah on being an independent learner and 'choice':