Thursday, October 29, 2009

A2 - Y13 ILP Feedback

9 of the 13 students who attended the first ILP day completed the "feedback survey".

The sessions that students felt were most useful were:

  • Session 1: Presenting animatic and receiving feedback

  • Session 4: Improving their animatics

  • Session 2: Reflection and evaluation (followed closely behind Session 4)

The session deemed to be of least use was:

  • Session 3: Blogging...

Overall it was felt that session 2 and 3 were too long and that I spoke for too long. For future ILP Days I will seek to make them more interactive and practical to maintain student engagement throughout.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A2 Coursework Deadlines

Research - Sep 25th
Planning - Oct 2nd
Animatic - Oct 9th
Rough Cut - Nov 2nd
Re-shoots - Nov 9th
Final Cut - Dec 8th
Ancillary Media Texts - Jan 25th
Blog and Evaluation - Feb 22nd

AS Coursework Deadlines

Research completed - Oct 19th
Continuity Task completed - Nov 13th
Planning and animatic completed - Nov 23rd
Rough Cut completed and presented - Jan 22nd
Final Cut completed - Feb 12th
Blog and evaluation completed - Mar 22nd

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Broadcast ILP - Student Feedback

An interview with Georgia and Lucia about their experience of the Broadcast ILP.

Using ACID with Jordan

A brief clip of Jordan using the audio editing program ACID.

Making a radio broadcast!

A brief interview with one group about the work they are doing.

As break time approaches...

...all the students have created a jingle with loops and a slogan for the radio station. Here is an example!

Broadcast ILP Day 2

And we're off - students are making jingles for the school radio station - "Triple C Radio". They have been shown the basics of using 'ACID', which is a audio editing, loop based program. Here of some of the kids at work!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Year 13 ILP Day 1

Animatics, Blogs and the Reflective Learner

On Monday 12th October Y13 will have their first full day session. The aim is for them to present, edit and complete their animatic. To improve their blogs - particularly focusing on the way they use information, the way they reflect on and evaluate their learning - this will help them to prepare for their coursework evaluations later in the year and their synoptic assessment in their final exam.

A fairly successful day - I personally feel there was a lot for the students to take in. The structure of the day needs to be revised going forward.

I am very pleased by the progress many of the students have made and am positive that they will create thoroughly engaging and creative coursework!