Monday, June 27, 2011

A2: Advanced Portfolio (w/b: 27.06.11)

Please use this week to kick start your research for your A2 Portfolio.

You should have already set up a blog to record your progress and posted an initial post explaining which brief you have settled on.

You now need to begin both primary and secondary research.

Primary research - should at this stage take the form of textual analysis. Try to immerse yourself in the medium of your chosen brief - post this on your blog with detailed analysis and both the macro and micro level. Those of you aiming for B/A grades should try to consider semiotic analysis; structuralist approaches and also reception based approaches.

Secondary research - should constitue both physical and online reading. Feel free to use the books in the cupboard (Room 72) and the Macs in the hub. There are also many useful books available in the LRC.

You need to understand the following issues in relation to your chosen medium:

  • Generic conventions (types)
  • Textual codes and conventions (including stylistic elements)
  • How audiences are being targeted
  • Representational issues
  • What constraints the medium has to adhere to (adverts are subject to a wide range of rules for example)

Record everything on your blog and please remember to post as you go rather than draft. It allows me to see and assess your progress.

Mr. M.

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