Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Introductory Post

To all!

I'm sorry it's so long before I posted here. I have a busy schedule that I'm trying to keep too.

For a small intro, Mr. Michie has already mentioned that I am a third year animation student studying in Bristol and planning to extend my stay here for my professional practice due to Bristol's amazing networking opportunities.

On how I can help with your work, I can suggest websites and material that may be of some help to inspiring film makers, whether it be animation or film related.

The first of these I give you here:

The link is pretty straight forward. It has good content about films coming out have already been released with behind the scenes from all sorts of members of the film industry from directors, actors and those in the special effects department.

I hope this is some use and all the best for your projects.

Until next time!

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