Monday, November 08, 2010

AS: The Use of Colour in Film

Here is an email I received from Andrew, an ex-student, now studying film at University, that I felt was worth sharing with you all:

Hey Sir,

Whilst doing some research for Uni I came across this great blog post that explains/shows the use of colour in Film. To save you from reading the whole thing it basically tells you about how Ridley Scott reversed the conventions of colour use in his movie Black Hawk Down and the effects it has in the audience. The thing I found most interesting was the colour chart towards the bottom of the post. Comparing the relationship between what each colour represents and where they are predominate in the narrative is very interesting. In my opinion the colours match very closely to Todorov's narrative theory. 

Just though you might find it interesting as well as your A-level classes!




It's great to hear from students who enjoyed studying Media and have carried on doing so at University. One day this could be you! In the mean time, go check out the website - it should be very helpful as you plan your thriller openings.

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