Saturday, October 16, 2010

A2: Contemporary Media Regulation - Links!

Don't forget that you should be doing as much wider reading as possible during this unit. Here is the site you used in Mrs. Neale's lesson last week:

There is a wide range of articles discussing Kubrick's films and the controversies that have surrounded them, including The Clockwork Orange.

For further reading please make sure that you are making full use of the SBBFC site:

It has an interactive timeline of Film/Video Games regulation and censorship; as well as case studies, articles and essays - including an fabulous range of info about The Clockwork Orange as well.

Remember - you need to offer a critical understanding in your response so you must read both popular and academic criticism around the case studies that Mrs. Neale's shows you. Watching the clips and disucssing them in class is only the beginning...

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