Monday, May 10, 2010

Year 12 and 13 Cover for Monday 10th May

One and all - I'm sorry but I am under the weather and will not be in today.

Year 13, to make up for missing today there will be a lesson this Wednesday P5.

Year 12 I will arrange an extra session for you as well and let you know when that will be.

In the meantine:

Year 13: Continue with your research/revision in to your key conceptual areas and prepare your presentations for Thursday's double lesson. 

Ryan, Lewis and Jamie - you all need to work on your blog today - I can give you 24 hours more to get things looking smarter and then I will have to take what is there as your final work!
Year 12: Please do some revision for your exam.  Watch from 0:33 until 7:02 from the opening of "Kidulthod" - make notes and answer the following question in full please (that means 3/4 sides of writing!)

Dicsuss the way age is represented in the extract considering the use of the following:
  • Camera
  • Editing
  • Sound
  • Mise-en-scene 

Haydn, Shawnee and James - you all need to get your coursework sorted.  You have 24 hours to make sure your blog and evaluation are as they should be or I will mark what's there and you will have to live with the result!

Any problems please e-mail me!

Mr. M.

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