Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A2 (Year 13 - That's You!): Snow Day Work!

As school is cancelled again here is some work for you:
1. If you did not see this on Wednesday - please read this Guardian Article and make notes.
2. Read this article from and this article from NewScientist and this one from mediawatch-uk - make notes.  I'm trying to offer a little perspective from the anti-media side of the fence.
3. Listen to the "classifying video games" podcast from the SBBFC website.
4. Finally, prepare (DO NOT write the essay - I wish to give your last essay back first!) a response to the following question:
"As a medium video games offer an inherently active and addictive experience.  Because of this games such as Grand Theft Auto and Manhunt 2 pose a more significant threat to society than films such as Natural Born Killers and Base-Moi" To what extent do you agree with this statement?
Make notes; draw primary and secondary evidence together; try to incorporate a balance of material from the work we have done on both film and video games.

Your coursework deadlines have been updated and are available 2 posts down or just click here!  If you have any issues you can e-mail or tweet me @media_at_ccc!

Enjoy the snow!
Mr. M.

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