Thursday, January 29, 2009

AS & A2: Wider Reading

Some books to get your teeth into!

No Logo by Naomi Klein (available in the LRC)
Rupert Murdoch by William Shawcross
Decoding Advertisements by Judith Williamson
The Fundamentals of Creative Advertising by Ken Burtenshaw et al (Available from Mr Michie)
Understanding Media by Marshall McLuhan
Mythologies by Roland Barthes

AS: Guidance for your evaluation!

AS: What are you peers up to elsewhere in the country?

Check out this student blog from Long Road Sixth Form College in Cambridge:


It is an excellent example of how a blog should be put together. The level of analysis and evaluation is excellent. They also have a rough cut complete already!

Mr. M.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A2: T-Mobile - Breaking every rule of advertising!

Freedom of speech and civil liberty

Interesting site with comment and video about the right to civil liberty and the state of civil liberty in the UK - Jon Snow and other members of the media have their say on the issue. Click on the image - read, watch and listen!

AS & A2: Blog! Blog! Blog!

A reminder to many of you who seem to have forgotten that maintaining your blog regularly is a required part of the course. You need to be regularly updating your blog reflecting on the progress of your coursework and the decisions/revisions that you make.

Please make more of an effort to do this!

Mr. M.