Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Here is the feedback from Y12 students about their first ILP Day.

100% of students approached the day with either optimisim or expectency.

100% of students found the peer / teacher assessment of their "continuity task" to be very useful.

86% of students found the teacher led session on storyboarding, sound and colour useful.

100% of students found the time to work on their storyboards and animatics very useful and based on the comments added, was the part of the day the students most enjoyed.

Overall, those students who responded to the survey found the day to be well planned with the right amount of teacher led activity and independent work.

60% of students felt the day was "worth doing" and 40% felt they could not get by without it.

Mr. M. has also noted that biscuits / cakes would be a good addition and will ensure that this is not overlooked next time!

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