Thursday, December 03, 2009

AS/ A2: Useful Websites to support your learning!

Media Magazine - Physical copies can be found in the Media room and the LRC. For access to the online site please ask Mr Michie for the username and password.

MediaKnowall - A sound, reasonably detailed site; not a bad place to start at the beginning of the unit. - Excellent site created by David Gauntlett - particularly useful for AS students studying Audiences and Institutions and A2 students developing their theoretical knowledge.

Media Studies Ringwood - An excellent blog; an excellent school - check out the resources here and also take the time to watch the excellent coursework produced by the students.

Long Road Media - One of the most successful Media college's in the country. Resources are of the highest order, as is the work produced by the students who attend.

Robert Smyth School
 - Excellent range of resources.

OCR Virtual Media Studies
 - Provides good information and some useful resources - definitely a case of pick and choose.

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