Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A2 - Y13 ILP (Session 2) - Feedback

Here is the feedback from Y13 students about their second ILP Day:

Q1: What were your objectives for the day?

Responses were varied due to students setting their own objectives - however they all had clear targets and most of the students objectives were realistic within the time frame of the day.

Q2: Did you meet your objectives

Yes - 100%
No - 0%

Q3: How did the day help you achieve your objectives, or develop the progress of your coursework.

Responses again were varied - here are some sample comments:

  • "it was very useful to have a period of time where you were free to get on with your work and have access to all the equipment.  I was able to get a lot done and quicker"
  • it gave me a whole day to film and upload footage, see what needs to be re-shot and then I still had time to go out and film again."
  • "got a large time consuming process out of the way - more time to focus on production and filming..."
  • "i was left to get on with what I needed to do but could still ask for help..."
Q4: In what ways can we improve the day for you.

Responses here were very brief with most students feeling that the day was a success over all.  Here are some suggestions:

  • "examples of good animatics, rough cuts to provide comparisons
  • "maybe some time put aside for us to blog - might help encourage evaluate our progress..."
  • "better Internet connection in media hub"

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